Berserk – NFT Blockchain Collectible Card Game (CCG)



BERSERK is a free-to-play card game that shifts the balance of power in favor of those fashioning extraordinary skills. Every choice you make – matters, with a host of spells and creatures ready to wage war. There are scores of cards with varying abilities to build up your forces – letting you devise new strategies as you play to earn.


Build up your deck and sling cards with masterful strategies – on rival heroes and the damned. It’s deceptively simple, with each turn keeping you heedful as you weave and duel to win XP and rewards.

Customize your Deck

Apart from your Vulcanite hero, spells and creatures are your most trusted ally in this realm. And it’s up to you to choose that which one of them gets to bask in the glory of battle. Pick wisely and strategize.

Do the Mulligan

Each duel in Berserk begins with a Mulligan step where you can choose and start with the best cards possible. So that before your forces start hacking away at your foes, you can shuffle your hand before your turn and first throw!

Unleash your Forces

Each round in a duel lets you spend Lava crystals to bring forth several allies into the fray. You get to raise deadly creatures and rain fearsome spells, with each having an exact toll to be paid.

Defeat your Rival’s Hero

Armed with a slew of strategies, spells, and bloodthirsty beasts, you must endeavor to find the most creative of endings for each opposing hero. Crush them, slash down their forces or outsmart their every move with Berserk’s unique turn-based gameplay and possibilities.

Witness the age of Vulcanites as they gather new spells, shed the earth from their limbs and create masterful decks.

Creature Card: Emanating from the four quadrants of the Vulcan Universe, creatures are your primary means of offense as well as defense. Eager to descend upon the battlefield, they are adorned with unique attributes as well as attack and health points – which they use to wreak havoc in each round they’re released.

Spell Card: Reinforcing your Vulcanite’s arsenal is a cohort of spells that they’ve acquired and learned to cast in great peril. Helpful at all dueling stages, spell cards strike instantly – and don’t occupy the battlefield. Instead, they can strengthen your champion or weaken each foe, borne of the inherent effect that will be unleashed when they’re drawn.

These two categories make up the bulk of supporting cards you hold in your deck as neutrals or NFTs. And depending on your build and strategy, you can seriously change how you play and draft for each duel.

Behold the realm of vulcanites and spells

Browse creature cards and spells, each ability, each verse. And dive deeper into the lore of the vulcan universe.
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