Outside the purview of your Vulcanite heroes, the realm of Berserk is home to all manners of beasts and runes. Emerging from the quadrants of the Vulcan Universe, they are the creatures and spells that battle for your champion as you sling cards. Take a look as we dissect this brave critter apart so that mortals and traders have no problems in getting a start.

  1. Lava cost – Located on the top left section of your card, these red solitaires indicate the number of Lava crystals that you’ll need to spend in order to play it. It’ll also be the first place on a card your eyes will learn to scan as you play each duel.
  2. Rarity gem - – You’ll find the choicest of precious stones adorning each card in the top right corner. As you’ll soon learn, these gems denote the rarity of a card, going from common to all the way up to legendary – bringing higher positions of strength as they progress.
  3. Name of the card – In the middle, you’ll get to read the title or the moniker we’ve assigned to every card. Pay close attention, and you’ll probably be able to make out some ties between different creatures and spells – depending on what you can recall about the quadrants.
  4. Attack Strength – This numeric value located at the bottom left section of your creature card denotes its base attack stat. It’s a straight-up damage indicator that your denizen or beast will inflict on your rival and his forces while in a clash.
  5. Health points –At the bottom left, the greened-out stat tells you the base health points of your creature card. Any damage your forces sustain in battle or while attacking takes a chunk out of these points – finishing which results in your creature card dying and being relegated to its grave.
  6. Ability – The bit of text in the center of your card right below its name indicates the attribute or ability that will take shape when it is drawn to the battlefield. It also serves as a prelude as to what effect your cards will inflict on your opponent’s champion and all the other creatures in your path.

These six sections constitute the anatomy of all the cards that you’ll play with, in Berserk. So whether you’ve got a creature or a spell lingering in your hand, they’ll all obey the above in how they’re constituted and behave. And it’ll ring true in every creature you summon and every spell you unleash while on the battlefield.