General Questions

What is Berserk?

Berserk is a free-to-play blockchain card game developed by Vulcan Forged. Inspired by Greco-Roman fantasy settings, it plays out as a fast-paced strategy card game where you get to join ranked matches and duel with others online. Whether playing a PvP or a PvE duel, you’re always armed with a Vulcanite hero and a host of supporting cards known as ‘creatures,’ and ‘spells.’ Staying true to the Vulcan Forged experience, the game lets you play for free with neutral cards from starter packs or use quadrant NFT cards to join ranked matchmaking. And with a host of rewards, including events and giveaways, you can play to earn right from the start.

Is it a Blockchain Game?

Yes, coming straight from the vaults of Vulcan Forged, Berserk is most undoubtedly a Blockchain card game. It honours true ownership of digital assets and allows ardent players to experience decentralized gaming. Vulcanites and supporting cards from the four quadrants of the Vulcan Universe are available as NFTs that you can store and use while in-game. And any NFTs that you encounter in Berserk while in a duel or read about online can be purchased from the Vulcan Marketplace using their crypto token $PYR. The game recognizes your duels and matches with frequent LAVA drops that fuel your journey to earn as you play and collect actual rewards in your crypto wallet.

What is true ownership?

True ownership in decentralized apps or blockchain games refers to the concept that you can actually own digital assets of a title without ever having to unwillingly stop or desist. For instance, the weapon skins or in-game items you purchase in traditional FPS or MOBA games might appear in your inventory. However, they are still digitally owned by the developing company – right until they choose to turn off the servers and cut short its playtime for users. However, in a crypto title, the digital assets like characters, cards, weapons, etc., that you use in-game, can be officially purchased by you as NFTs. You get to truly own them in your personal wallet without any similar risks.

Is Berserk Free to Play?

Absolutely! Berserk is entirely free to play for newbies and veterans to the genre alike as a turn-based strategy card game. You can play PvP and PvE matches without any limits on the matchmaking features. Or, invite your friends to some duels in custom rooms, having readied your deck of creature cards and spells. That’s because Vulcan Forged has implemented starter packs for you to try out and play duels with a range of neutral cards in your deck. And as a F2P card battler, you can also keep playing to earn $LAVA and $PYR while keeping an eye out for new events or giveaways in the online Berserk community!

What Platforms can I play it on?

As an online strategy card battler, Berserk can be played on multiple devices across various platforms. You can play it on your smartphone or tablet running on the latest version of Android, or you can play it on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, you must simply head to your corresponding platform’s application store and download to install the current version of Berserk available. On the flip side, you can also try your hand at the game on your PC by logging on to www.berserk.vulcanforged.com and heading to the tab that plays the game’s version on your internet browser.

What are the rules? Where can I learn about the game?

Vulcan Forged’s Berserk plays out as a PvP strategy card game where you can play duels against other users online. You can play ranked, sign up for events, play with friends in custom rooms, or even against an AI Bot. The rules of the game are deceptively simple, yet it can take a while before you have mastered the art of slinging cards and climbing ranks. You’re equipped with a Vulcanite hero and a range of supporting cards as creatures and spells, and objectively, you have to defeat your opponent in a duel by either ruining their forces or slaying their champion. Plus, there’s a host of other essential details and interactions that enhance your in-game experience, and you can learn more about Berserk by checking out the game guide from right here (hyperlink the game guide URL).

Do I get any rewards for playing? How does that work?

Whether you’re playing Berserk as a free-to-play card battler or with quadrant cards to win yourself some PvP duels, there’s always the prospect of being able to earn while you enjoy ranked duels and custom events. You can play and earn $LAVA and $PYR from the game’s vanilla matchmaking experience as you continue to gain MMR through online duels. Berserk also hosts regular events and giveaways where you can participate and win NFT cards of varying rarities for yourself, to your wallet.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, you can absolutely go online for 1v1s and play duels with your friends in Berserk. Our card game’s multiplayer mode allows you to play online matches against similarly ranked players online. But apart from the matchmaking experience, you can also host custom rooms from the ‘Duel’ section accessible via the main menu to create a room of your own. Alternatively, you can also find and enter a custom room that you know your friend has hosted for you to join. In this way, you can play to practice a hand of Berserk with your friends or challenge them to 1v1 matches to play some friendly duels or scrims.

Are there any in-game purchases?

As Vulcan Forged’s premier blockchain card game, Berserk enables its users to experience true F2P gaming. And though there’s an option for you to make some purchases while warming up for your next duel, it doesn’t make for your time to be any less competitive – in slaying champions and the mortally challenged. The in-game shop in Berserk serves to punctuate your gameplay experience by offering you the option to purchase some sharp cosmetics for your playthroughs. Plus, you can also get your hands on some trendy supporting cards, maybe a creature that you’ve had your eye on or a spell that will suit your deck, as NFT quadrant cards and Vulcanites sourced from Vulcan Forged’s marketplace.

Do I need to know about playing card games to enjoy Berserk?

While having a bit of prior knowledge or experience in card games can certainly be good, it isn’t, however, necessary nor required for you to start enjoying a few rounds of Berserk. This Vulcan Forged standalone strategy card experience is simple and easy enough to pick up for you, even if you’re a complete greenhorn when it comes to card games or realizing your card game skills. You can read our extensive game guide detailing Berserk, watch some gameplay videos, and even play mock duels to practice against AI bots with cards and a deck of your choice. And to ensure that your online gameplay experience is balanced and fair, Berserk also features an ELO-based ranking system that matches you against similarly skilled players.

How can I use the XPs that I earn during the game?

While playing Berserk as an MMORPG card battler, one of the main instances of the gameplay experience is earning XP to your profile. Here, experience points are divided into 2 pools: ‘Cold’ and ‘Hot’ - where cold is earned ‘passively’ and hot XPs are earned ‘actively’ by completing in-game actions. The experience points you earn by either winning or losing duels in Berserk, though non-tradeable, are still quite important to your profile and time in the Vulcan Universe. It can be used to enter tournaments, qualify for seasonal events and giveaways. But most importantly, you can use it to maximize your play to earn potential.

Account Questions

Do I have to pay to make an account?

Absolutely not. Vulcan Forged has developed Berserk to offer a completely free-to-play experience to strategy gamers, and you can create an account to join for duels and more without having to spend a single cent. And whether you’re playing on an android or an iOS device, all you need to do is head to Vulcan Forged’s website and register yourself to start slinging cards and owning your foes in some high-stakes duels!

Do I have to add my crypto wallet to my account?

That’s a great question. While on the platform, you don’t need to add an existing crypto wallet to your account. Or even create a new wallet for that purpose. Because when you sign-up for your Vulcan Forged account, the platform creates a new wallet for you. And with these custom wallets, you can handle both your stash of $LAVA or NFTs from a single place.

It’s important for you to note that using this crypto wallet with your account is entirely safe, and only you will retain access to it.

Can I chat with other players?

Currently, while in-game, you can’t chat with other players - whether you’re in a duel online or while in a custom room with a friend. There’s no existing support for voice or text chat in either. However, you can always join our existing Discord servers and switch to a channel of your choice to talk with current users and other players who might be playing Berserk at the moment. And once you meet the Vulcan community for Berserk, you’ll get reeled right in.

Crypto Questions

What Blockchain does Berserk run on?

Vulcan Forged’s Berserk runs on the VeChainThor blockchain platform, a public blockchain for people to easily use or adopt. It has a significant user base, and a lot of applications can successfully run on it in a proper, decentralized manner. Apart from helping to structure Vulcan Forged’s NFT dApp ecosystem, it also offers many unique features so that gamers can have an excellent user-friendly experience while playing any blockchain-based game – Including fast transactions, account recovery, improved verification, and traceability.

What is PYR?

$PYR is the official crypto token of the Vulcan Universe, powering the Vulcan Forged dApp ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 token that we crafted with our partner Polygon and has since been readily available for users from the ETH community to buy and use. With a market cap of over $550 million and 19 million tokens in circulation, $PYR is used in all the games and dApps that are currently a part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, as well as those that may get included in the future. The gas fees are nearly negligible, with several high-priority uses of $PYR already in place for all concurrent users.

What is play to earn crypto?

Play to earn in the crypto gaming community refers to blockchain-based games that allow players to earn while they play. Depending on the game’s mechanics and the platform’s rules, one can earn all sorts of crypto rewards just by playing a game and without having to necessarily compete in it. It can be a real-time strategy game, a turn-based one, MMORPG, or any genre compatible with the idea of allowing gamers to earn as they play.

How can we play to earn in Berserk?

Playing to earn in Berserk is actually a pretty simple concept, for all having signed up for some F2P duels or playing ranked with quadrant cards. Owing to Vulcan Forged’s game design, you can earn $LAVA for every duel you win while in ranked matchmaking. And there’s always a positive inflow of $LAVA to your account, but while meeting the daily cap for total matches, you’ll be awarded for. This, in turn, boosts your active $PYR earnings while increasing the amount of $LAVA in your wallet.

Plus, you can then trade the amount of $LAVA that you own, for $PYR or $USDC, in Vulcan Forged’s cross-chain exchange ‘VulcanDex’ – made exclusively for gaming tokens.

What does it mean for Berserk to be ‘Blockchain-based’?

As a blockchain-based card game, every action that happens in Berserk is the result of a transaction that has been published to a blockchain platform operating at the backend of the gaming app. The website and apps are merely a user interface that displays the outcomes of such transactions, including the gameplay and any reward that you receive while in-game such as $LAVA is published directly to the ledger. No one, not even us, can alter that record once published, and only an account owner is able to submit transactions and participate in the game.

Can I view what data is on the Blockchain?

Absolutely yes! In Berserk, all the actions that happen in the game are readily available for you to view at all times. They’re provably fair, and the duels or results that you receive on your display are all the result of a transaction recorded on a public, immutable blockchain. You can view the data on Berserk’s blockchain platform by heading to the ‘My Profile’ section from the main page and also check the transactions you’ve made on in trades or purchases, directly from the ‘Activity’ section on the Vulcan Forged marketplace.

Do I need to buy crypto coins to play?

Vulcan Forged’s Berserk has its own official crypto token in $PYR – which is an ERC20 standard token available to all users of the ETH community. However, you don’t need to own a single $PYR crypto token to start playing a bout of Berserk. The gameplay and ranked matchmaking experience can be enjoyed just as famously – using the starter pack and neutral cards that are available once you’ve signed-in, from your deck. You will only need to own $PYR crypto tokens if you wish to acquire some NFT cards from the Vulcan Forged marketplace or gain our platform’s tier-based gems for your main account.

Where can I buy and sell Berserk NFTs?

While playing Berserk, you’re given the option to purchase Vulcanites and trade quadrant cards as NFTs. To acquire some, all you need to do is head to the Vulcan Forged marketplace and get your bids in any NFT that you’d prefer to have in your deck. Alternatively, you can even circumvent the auctioning process by purchasing Berserk NFTs directly at the ‘buy now’ price listed alongside them. You can also use the marketplace to list your own NFTs for sale, set your own prices, and monitor vital stats like ‘current bids’ and the number of users currently watching, etc.

Gameplay Questions

Do I need to buy cards?

As a free-to-play blockchain card game, you don’t need to buy any cards in order to begin playing Berserk. You can experience and play duels, make the most of strategy gaming and the MMORPG genre without necessarily purchasing any NFT quadrant cards. That’s because Vulcan Forged provides you with a starter pack decked out with neutral cards and a Vulcanite for you to use. Equipping your Vulcanite hero and these supporting cards, you can play duels and climb the ranks like every other ranked player in-game.

Is the game ‘pay to win?

Not at all. In fact, you can work your way up the skill brackets you play duels in, without spending even a dime in Berserk’s bespoke free-to-play experience. You can even talk with some of the most ardent Berserk players in our Discord community to know about their experience and if they felt as if the game was veering towards a more pay-to-win playstyle. Plus, although you can definitely see some expensive NFT cards in the fray – while playing duels or on the marketplace, our team has taken great care in how we balance the game so that it is fair and gives preference to skills and not just the cards in one’s hands.

Additionally, you needn’t open dozens of packs of cards as we see in online digital card games or CCGs as Berserk’s versatile marketplace allows you to find cards to suit your meta and sell those which don’t.

Are my Lava Crystals getting used up in-game?

The Lava Crystals you see at the bottom-right corner of your screen while playing a duel has got nothing to do with the $LAVA you receive for playing online. They’re only available for your use while you’re in a duel in a game mode of your choice, and their usage doesn’t add or subtract from the existing amount of $LAVA in your account in any way.

What cards do I begin with in Berserk?

Depending on your TBS card gaming experience, you can choose to start with NFT Quadrant cards in your deck or play for free with a starter pack provided by the game. You head into a duel with a total of 30 cards in your deck, along with a Vulcanite hero – comprising of a range of creature cards and spells that support your champion. And depending on the cards you have in your deck and your Vulcanite’s level, you can begin playing in either the Starter league, Mythic or Legendary.

What are the kinds of cards I can play with?

While playing Berserk, your duels are generally centred around defending your Vulcanite hero and beating your opponent’s champion. And to help you to do so, you get to sling all sorts of supporting cards ranging from some of the most ferocious warriors and potent spells. However, there are only 2 types or kinds of cards that you can play a duel with: Spell cards and Creature cards.

Spell cards comprise of runes or hexes that are used directly by your Vulcanite hero to great effect on the battlefield, against your opponent’s forces.

Creature cards join the battlefield as physical manifestations of the warrior described on them – and allow you to engage your opponent directly instead of from afar.

Both kinds of cards could be of varying rarities and have abilities or attributes that are unique.

What are card rarities?

Card rarities in the world of Berserk hold a special place for all who seek a stellar trading card game experience. Each card that you see or hold in your deck and unleash in a duel have fixed rarities that are assigned to them. The rarity of a card is denoted by a gem – located at the top-right corner of a quadrant card. In Berserk, you can get your hands on cards that range up to 5 levels of rarity, all the way from Common to Legendary. Depending on the rarity of a card, the creatures and spell cards can have a higher Lava cost while being played in the game or better attributes, abilities, and stats.

What is the ELO rank system?

The ELO rank system in Berserk is one of the several ways in which the matchmaking process is made balanced and fair for all. It assigns ‘MMR’ or matchmaking rating to each player – based on their skills and outcomes of the duels they play. So even if you’re new to playing turn-based strategy card games like Berserk or a seasoned vet., your experience in ranked duels remains competitive, in every match that you find or que for.

How do I customize my deck?

Depending on the league you play in or the cards you hold, customizing your deck in Berserk is relatively straightforward. Simply navigate to the ‘Deck’ section from the game’s main menu and access the deck builder to view the 30 cards currently in your deck. After that, you can choose to add or remove any card that you think will fit or not fit your current deck, according to any strategy or meta that you may have in your mind. Once you’re pleased with the cards you see on your screen, you can then assign a custom name to your deck – selecting it from the screen before proceeding for your next battle.