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An Epic Realm of Blockchain Card Games and Chaos

Wield the right collectible cards and strategies as you play to earn.

Berserk is a competitive blockchain CCG set in the Vulcan Universe. It includes powerful allies from across the four quadrants of before, with each Berserk card featuring creatures and spells. Craft new decks and collect rare cards as you take on your friends and other mighty foes.

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Berserk Gameplay Teaser

Take a look at the in-game design and features of Berserk, along with some epic gameplay moments.

Learning the Ropes

Sneak a peek at what makes Vulcan Forged Berserk easy to
pick up yet impossible to put down!


To Win


New Allies


Your Card


And Earn

Play for Honor and Glory

The world of Berserk thirsts for power and glory. The Vulcanites have spilled over into the killing fields, and they need you to lead them into victory. Attack your opponent’s creatures and champions with all your might and wits as you move up the ranks in this turn-based CCG.

Collect to build Forces

As a strategy CCG, Berserk offers you a library of cards replete with skills and interactions. Collect creatures or spells to build up and be battle-ready!

Trade and Swap for the Best

With a host of NFT collectibles, Berserk’s market is open for mortals like you to barter. You can trade for creatures and rare cards on the Vulcan Marketplace or with your allies whenever you please. So upgrade your deck while you swap for the best Vulcanite, lest you grow weary.

Earn Rewards and Prizes

The age of the Vulcan Universe is as generous as it is revered. Win scores of rewards and collectible NFTs as you play and compete in Berserk. Enroll in tournaments and giveaways to win rare cards for your decks in-game. And gain $LAVA and $PYR no matter your skill as there’s always a way to earn!

Monthly growth rate in users
Total installs
Cards in circulation

Growth in users

The grisly battlegrounds of Berserk have seen a nearly 200% increase in users joining from month to month.


Prizes awarded

Eager fans and loyalists have witnessed a whopping $250K awarded in giveaways and Berserk events.


App installs

With over 12,000 installations of Berserk and counting, Vulcan Forged Blockchain CCG is blazing its way to the top.

Play to Earn Crypto with Vulcan Forged

Build on your gains in the Vulcan Blockchain Universe.

  • Play with Quadrant collectible cards or with Neutrals in Starter Decks for free.
  • Create custom decks with creature cards and spells for playing duels.
  • Play to earn $LAVA and $PYR by clashing with players online.
  • Enroll in Berserk’s events and giveaways to win NFT cards of different types and rarities.
  • Find new NFT cards on the marketplace or trade with other players for rare cards and collectibles.
  • Compete and win in CCG tournaments with crypto prize pools and awards.

Behold the realm of vulcanites and spells

Browse creature cards and spells, each ability, each verse. And dive deeper into the lore of the vulcan universe.